Wednesday, May 14, 2014

WonHundred Word Wednesday You find a box in the attic that isn't yours

This past week has been busy, I was in a rush to get edits turned in on time. Helping my daughter with her end of the year story since her school issued computer with ALL her text books on it crashed she needed my computer to do research and to study. I really wish they would go back to regular text books. Anyway with all of that and culture fair I forgot about this week's post until 9pm Tuesday. So, here is the story. I hope you all enjoy it.

Don't forget to check out what everyone else came up with this week. As much as I enjoy writing these, it is a challenge to write only 100 words I love seeing what everyone else writes.

You clean the attic, sorting through what to keep and what to toss, your husband carrying down box after box of your childhood. 

Behind an old mirror you find a black ornately carved wooden box. You open the dust covered lid to find yellowed pieces of paper. Careful to not rip the paper you unfold the first one.

Tears form as you read letter after letter from William to his beloved Rebecca written from the battlefields of The Civil War. The last one dated March 1863 “My love is with you always…” With a letter of condolence wrapped around it.

See what everyone else did.

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  1. There are so many emotions wrapped up in that one little sentence... with a letter of condolences wrapped around it. Nice job

  2. Oh tender! So many memories in that box. Well done!

  3. This brings up some great story questions. If this were part of a larger piece, I'd read on. Well done.