Tuesday, May 20, 2014

WonHundred Word Wednesday: The truth about love is

In case you have not read one of these posts yet here is the thing. Every Wednesday a group of us are given a prompt then we each get to come up with our own story in a hundred words or less. It is fun to see how we can each be given the exact same thing but come up with something so incredibly different. Kind of like those chefs that have all the same ingredients but they each make their own unique delicious recipes. Yup, exactly what it is but here is something to feed your imagination.

Anyway here is the newest prompt

The moment I laid eyes on him I knew he was the star to my wars. He quieted the battle in me, saw me for who I really am. Held me when the world seemed to despise me.

Mascara mingled with salty tears. My stomach knotted into a gazillion knots I don’t think I can ever undo.

My bloodshot eyes cut to the open casket, the grey sky opened to cry its own tears. He was still beautiful, always would be.

Why didn’t anyone tell me the truth?

Because the truth about love is it always ends.

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  1. oh, how sad. With the beginning and him being the Star to her Wars, I was hooked and the ending was powerful.

  2. Oh sad!! The star to her wars line was perfect. It really sucked me in -- and then the rest kicked me in the head. :) Well done!

  3. Ugh! That hurt to read. :'( Great job at capturing the pain of the character! I really enjoyed this.

  4. I thought this was a story about meeting, but then the casket spun me around. Nice surprise.