About Me

My name is Angela Schroeder. I was born and raised in Iowa, I truly believe that there is no state as pretty as the one I live in. Where else can you find the beauty of the Mississippi, fields of corn, bluffs that overlook the river, and endless blue sky? Probably in many other states but eh, I am partial to the one I call home.

I come from a close knit family. My parents, were always supportive of my aspirations. I remember writing my poems and stories on my walls when I did not have paper handy. Instead of getting angry my mother sat there and read them. My dad let me help him write lyrics to a song he wrote for my mother. My siblings have always been there even when we did not always agree.

I am the proud mother of three wonderful children. They are each amazing in their own way. We enjoy our time together. There are moments when we will sit down and write a story together. With each child contributing something to the story. Those are my favorites.

I started writing when I was younger, it was how I expressed myself.

My first book Love Overcomes is scheduled for release by Anaiah Press in October 2014.

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