Thursday, May 8, 2014

Must Read Friday Warrior Everlasting

If you have not already done so then go read Warrior Beautiful, trust me you will want to because then you will be able to fully enjoy this wonderful tale of Warrior Unicorns and the humans that fight with them. This book was amazing, I loved it and am already looking forward to the next one.

Warrior Everlasting (book 2 of the Riders of Paradesos series) by Wendy Knight

Fighting alongside the boy you shouldn't love is hard enough. Doing it while riding a unicorn who would gleefully fly to her death with you on her back is worse. What makes it insane?
 Doing it in hell.
Scout and her unicorn, Ashra, risked everything just to make it into Aptavaras. Their plan is to free Scout’s family and the stolen souls, and seek vengeance on the man who took everything Ashra had once lived for. What they hadn’t counted on was Trey and his unicorn, Torz, following them.
It might be the only thing that will save them.
Because in Aptavaras, the soul stealers are many and the chances of survival are slim. Even if they can get past the demons, trick the demon master, rescue the souls and escape with their lives, there’s only one person who can open the gate, and he’s on the outside defending the world. But Scout, Trey, Ashra and Torz have one thing the soul stealers don’t—
 A reason to live.

"You’re mad.”

She sighed. “I’m too tired for this right now, Trey. If you want Kylin, then—”

He glared at her. “You lose faith in me that quickly, Scout? I’ve been in love with you since I was eight years old. See these?” He held up his arm with the leather bands tied around his wrist. “Nine of them. One for each year I’ve loved you. I loved you when you hated me. I loved you when you were dancing for some other guy. I loved you when I watched you throw yourself off your unicorn eight billion feet above the ground.” Scout opened her mouth, but no sound came out. Instead, tears trickled down her cheek. Finally, she knew what those leather bands meant. And her heart swelled.

“Just because I talk to Kylin doesn’t mean I’m going back to her. What have I ever done to make you doubt me, Scout? And if you say the hospital—” His glare was more fierce than she’d ever seen it. Clearly, he’d heard enough about the hospital.

Scout smiled, scrubbing at her tears. “Nothing, Trey. You’ve done nothing to make me doubt you. I’m sorry. I’m just tired and insecure.”

His hand shot out, circling her waist, and he pulled her into him, so close she could feel his heart pounding inside his chest, and he kissed her like he would literally die if he didn’t. There was pain and fury and hope and love in that kiss. Scout rose on her toes and slid her arms around his neck, kissing him back, hoping he could feel that she felt the same way.

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My Review
The first book was great, it had me waiting on edge for this book. I had to know what happened next. Now that they are in Aptavaras they have so much more that they have to do, and they just came from a battle. It is nice to see Scout begin to heal. I enjoyed that.

You find out way more about Trey.

Ashra is amazing as always.

We already know all of this, I love all the characters BUT i fell in LOVE with a new one. Ariston. If you read the first book you know that Ariston is the big bad. He plans to take the souls his soul stealers have taken, rip them apart and build souls for his soul stealers to make an even more formidable army. Knowing that I should HATE him right? Wrong! I do not hate him,, I walked away from this book loving him. Wanting to help him. Read the book and you will find out why....

As always Wendy Knight used words to paint a world for us, when you read this book it is so easy to picture this place, the people, the souls, the unicorns, the soul stealers. The battle scenes were incredible.

To sum it up, you get more of your favorite characters from the first book, learn more about Lil' Bit, Ariston, an amazing new world to explore, and battles to cheer for. This is one of those books that you are not going to want to put down until you are finished with it.

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