Saturday, April 19, 2014


I did not know about Pinterest while I was writing Love Overcomes. Well, I knew about it, I just did not use it at all. I had created an account to enter a contest but other than that I had never looked at it. That is until I started on my newest book. I was talking with a friend of mine Kelly Martin, after talking to her I decided that with my new work I would keep a board for inspiration. How I see the characters and different things that might be important to the story.

I decided to go back and make a board for Love Overcomes. It is just in process of being made, I might add to it later. I know once I get the cover I will add that. So, right now it has four of the characters. Arabella and her sister Clara. Then there is Jeremy and Jake. (at least how I picture them). Pinterest is something I am still getting the hang of but I am having fun with it. I may go add in more detail later on. Especially, while I am editing.

Here is the link to the board if anyone wants to check it out.

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