Thursday, April 17, 2014

Love Overcomes

Love Overcomes is tentatively scheduled to be released in late October by Anaiah Press. I started writing this story last fall. My sister and I used to talk about how cool it would be to meet this actor or that actor. How we would live happily ever after, in our own little versions of happily ever after.

I knew I wanted there to be a strong sisterly bond in this story, I do consider my older sister my best friend (now, when we were younger I drove her crazy). I also knew that I wanted the main character to be a single mom (write what you know). Pretty soon the sisters were in Hollywood far from their home in Iowa because the older sister, Clara had her book picked up for a movie. Arabella and her three year old son Liam went with her.

Arabella has some things in her past that keep her from trusting just about anyone who is not family. Her life is her son, her sister, and parents. She and her son go to church on a regular basis, the people there being like a second family. When she meets the handsome actor Jeremy, she is drawn to him but does not believe that he could ever want to be with someone like her.

By the time I finished this. I knew I wanted to send it out, I no longer wanted to keep my writing hidden from the world for fear of failure. I sent out some query letters and a few months later I signed on with Anaiah Press.

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