Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Fall is here!!!!

Have you ever waited for the last book in a series? Expectantly, when will it come out? Oh the cliffhangers. How will it all end? Well, I have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting for this book to come out.  
It is here!

The Fall by Kelly Martin. This is the third and final book in the Sloan Series. I need to find out who Sloan ends up with. I am team Aaron.

 Team Aaron. I really hope everything works out for him. I really think he is the best guy for Sloan.

Though Ray has his loyal fans. He is a nice guy. Will he end up with Sloan? Ugh....

 Poor Sloan has been through a LOT. A. LOT! She needs a break.

Check out this blurb and excerpt.

The last thing Sloan sees is Aaron Hunter going over the falls. Unable to help him, she races to get his brother, Ray, to the hospital in time. The paramedics come. They take Ray away, but a monster storm with heavy rains and flash flooding keep help from searching for Aaron. Four days later, the town may have given up on Aaron, but Sloan hasn't. She is determined to go find him no matter what, even if she has to lug a wounded Ray along with her.

Aaron Hunter wakes up unable to walk in a cabin next to the creek. He knows he has to get out of the cabin soon, though, because the creek water is rising and before long it will be inside the fishing cabin. Time is running out and the only person who can help him is the person he hates the most-- Boyd Lawrence-- the boy who threw him over the falls; the boy who shot his brother; the boy who destroyed Sloan's life. The one person Aaron wants to hurt more than anyone else in this world becomes his only way home.

Some will live. Some will die. The dramatic conclusion to the best selling Saint Sloan Series.

Mackenzie bit her lip and stood. She turned to go toward the door, when she turned on a dime and went back to Ray. Before I knew it, her hands were on either side of his face, and her lips were on his.
Holy Hannah!
I wasn’t exactly sure where to look, since technically, I did still have my arm wrapped around him, to keep him from falling on the floor. This was... awkward. Not because of Ray and Mackenzie. I was happy for them... but... my arm and my body seemed to be in the way. Finally, Mackenzie backed away and placed her fingers to her lips.
“Whoa.” I don’t even think she knew she said it.
“Yeah.” Ray swallowed hard.
 Definitely chemistry.
“So...” Mackenzie stumbled backwards. “I’ll go... and check on the nurse... see if we can’t get you home.”
 “Thank you.” He called, when she reached the door.
Mackenzie’s hand hovered above the handle, and she hesitated. She kept her back to us, but tilted her chin and neck, so we knew she was talking to us. “You aren’t lying to me, are you, Ray? You are going home and taking it easy. No lying to me.”
“No lying.” Ray answered. Mackenzie gave him the biggest smile I’d ever seen before she left the room. Left me and Ray alone. Left me sitting on the bed with him, holding him up.
“That was really nice of you. I’m glad you are going home, and I’m glad Mackenzie means so much to you. You make a cute couple.”
Ray’s eyes watered, but his lip curved into almost a sneer, only sneer was never a word I’d use to talk about Ray. “I lied to her.” He said simply, as he stood and went to the clothes I had gotten for him at the gift shop from the top of the dresser. In front of me, God, and everybody, Ray stripped out of his hospital gown and put on a pair of black jeans and a gray tee shirt.
“You lied to her?” I don’t know why I asked. I already knew... His eyes were glossy from unshed tears, and I supposed fatigue.
“I can’t put her in danger, Sloan. I can’t do it. But I have to get my brother.” I stood, fear running all through me.
 “I’ll tell the doctor.”
“You won’t.” He sounded so confident.
“I will.”
“You won’t... because you want him back, too.”
I started to argue with him, but I couldn’t. I did want him back. I wanted him back more than anything in this world.
“You have to help me, Sloan. We can do this.”
Mackenzie came back before I could give my answer with a surprisingly chipper nurse in tow. I spent the next twenty minutes locked in Ray’s bathroom with my back to the wall, my bottom on the floor, and my head in my hands. What was I going to do?

You can pick up your copy of The Fall at these fine retailers. 

Find Kelly Martin here. 

YouTube    (My kids love her videos, they treat Ask Kelly Anything like TGIF)

If you have not read them yet. Pick up Saint Sloan and Saving Sloan. This series will make you fall in love with Kelly Martin's writing. 

I have my copy and will be settling down to read it right after I read through the first two again.

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