Sunday, August 2, 2015


Distractions. They are every where. This summer I had planned to write a lot. That did not happen. i started writing. I have started on several projects in fact. I was sprinting with Kelly Martin. I was sprinting with a writing group that I am a part of on Facebook. I allowed myself to get distracted.

Pinterest, ah Pinterest you can be such a help and yet be such a pain. I found myself searching for things to put into my story. Then I kept looking instead of going back to the work. By the time I did get back to it the story did not flow.

Family fun. This is the best sort of distraction to have. Isn't it?  I can't say anything bad about this. Other than I could have gotten some writing done before or after. I should have. I need to do that in the future.

Then I worked on edits for Jade. That took a long time. While it took me away from what I was working on it was something that needed to be done.

Illustrations. Yet another distraction. Working with my illustrator for Christmas at the Zoo took up a lot of time the past few weeks. Now that those are done I need to go back to writing.

I have four stories that are in the works. I think I will put the Christmas story off until it gets closer to the holidays. It won't be out this year but I think I will be in the right mindset to write it then.

For now I am going to work on a contemporary. Then I have to get going on book of the Out of the Ashes series.

This time I need to keep writing despite the distractions. Even if it is only a couple hundred words a day. Those words add up but only if you keep writing.

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