Friday, August 14, 2015

First Fairy Tale

Fairy tales. Everyone has heard at least one in their lifetime. I have never met someone who has not. I remember the first fairy tale that I would seek out and read. I was about five or six. My grandma had a library in her home. It was my favorite room. I remember going in there and sitting at the desk to write while looking out the window. There were some toys tucked away on the back wall. Then there were the books. The shelves went all the way to the ceiling all along the one wall. On the lowest shelf were the children's books. Then a shelf up the chapter books for the younger readers.

There was this amazing pop up book of Beauty and the Beast. I adored the fairy tale. Those images coming up out of the pages made the story even greater. I would pick up the book, go to the living room, stretch out on the floor, and slowly flip through the pages as the story seemed to come to life.

To this day Beauty and the Beast is still my favorite story.

Do you have a fairy tale that reminds you of when you were little? Is it your favorite?

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