Thursday, July 30, 2015

Christmas at the Zoo

I know it is July and Christmas is several months away. So why am I mentioning it now? I signed yet another publishing contract this month. This time for a children’s picture book. I have written several little stories for my children through the years. I have some tucked away and saved because they do get pulled out and read to them every once in a while.
Last Christmas I wrote Christmas at the Zoo for my youngest. On a whim I querried out it to a publisher and within a week I had signed a contract. On top of that I have an incredibly talented illustrator who has already finished all the illustrations for it.
Quinlan is my young artist doing the pictures for the book. He’s only twelve and very excited to have his work being published. All the illustrations have been handed over to the publisher and now we wait. I was told it would be out in October. Which is great because people will be able to have it to read this Christmas season.
Did you have a favorite Christmas story as a child?