Friday, April 3, 2015

Clara Mackenzie

Name: Clara Mackenzie

Age: 34

Hometown: a farm outside of a little town a few hours east of Des Moines, Iowa

Dream job: children's book author

Best friend: Ara (my sister)

If you could travel to anywhere in the world, where would u go and why? I'd like to go to Scotland, Germany, England, France, Japan. But I want to go to places where there are not a lot of people around.

What 5 people dead or alive would you have at a dinner party? My parents, my sister, Liam, and Jake. If I can have an extra person then I'd like to meet that guy I saw on the animal channel who was raising baby hyenas but ONLY if he brings a baby hyena.


Color: blue or black. Mostly black

Drink: cold drink would be a cherry cola. hot drink tea with sugar.

Song/band: Loreena McKinnet

Movie/tv show: Heartland

memory: The day I got my first horse. She was beautiful. I was about seven and she was all mine.

Season: Spring, winter is too cold, summer is too hot and humid, fall has the chill the chill in the air kind of cool but spring has the warmer side of cool. Plus that is when all the good flowers bloom. Like Easter Lilies and Lilacs.

Holiday: Christmas and the Fourth of July. I like decorating the house and the family being together getting to make snowmen and go for sleigh rides. I like the Fourth of July because we have a family get-together. It is like a mini carnival but without the rides and I know everyone.

this OR that
books or movies: I like books more because they go into more detail. The book really has to interest me.

inside or outside: depends on where Outside in the country and inside in town
theme park or carnival: carnival but no rides

city or country: country

dog or cat: Can't I just have a zoo? I want them all.

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