Friday, February 13, 2015

Arabella Mackenzie

Name: Arabella Mackenzie (Ara)

Age: 24

Hometown: a farm outside of a little town a few hours east of Des Moines, Iowa

Dream job: taking over my parents' farm

Best friend: Drew, we've been friends since I was in high school. 

If you could travel to anywhere in the world, where would u go and why? Scotland, my father's family is from there. I have always wanted to go there to see where they came from. 

What 5 people dead or alive would you have at a dinner party? Bing Crosby, Walt Disney, Jane Austen, William Wallace, and Liam.

Color: blue

Drink: tea

Song/band: Moonstruck by Bing Crosby

Movie/tv show: I love old black and white movies

memory: Besides the day Liam was born? Nothing tops that day so my second favorite memory would have to be being the Princess of the Orchard. I loved running through the apple trees in my dress. 

Season: Fall. I love harvest time. The house always smells so good. I get to be up in the trees for a good while. 

Holiday: Fourth of July, there is so much to do. The town pretty much has a mini carnival. 

this OR that

books or movies: books

inside or outside: outside

theme park or carnival: carnival

city or country: country

dog or cat: I'll take a horse instead.

Want to know more about Arabella? Read about her in Love Overcomes. 
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