Sunday, December 21, 2014

Character of the Week: Jeremy Fowlis

Now, it's time to meet Jeremy. Jeremy was pretty much a dream guy. He is what you want your favorite actor to be like, a real nice guy who is maybe shielding a bit of himself because of media always trying to pry into his life.

Book: Love Overcomes

Name; Jeremy "Ree" Fowlis

Age: 34

Hometown: It is never specified. His father and step-mom live in Ojai. His parents divorced when he was younger so he went from his dad to his mom's. He currently lives in Santa Monica.

Jeremy has gone on dates but never had a serious relationship. It seemed that every woman who showed interest in him simply wanted a hand up with their career.

Best friend: Jake and Julianne. They're both actors but they knew Jeremy before he started acting. Julianne is the only girl that had ever met Jeremy's family.

“You could wear shorts and a T-shirt for all I care. I just want you there with me.”
In response to Arabella telling him she had nothing suitable to wear to the premier.  

Dream Cast: Jeremy Fowlis would be played by Richard Armitage. 
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