Friday, December 12, 2014

Character of the Week: Arabella Mackenzie

Starting today I am going to do a Character of the Week. You can get to know the characters from my books and my wips. Let's get started.

Book: Love Overcomes

Name: Arabella (Ara) Mackenzie

Age: 24

Hometown: a tiny little farming community about 2 and a half hours east of Des Moines.

Arabella is a single mother who always puts her child and her family first. She travels out to California to be moral support for her sister, Clara.

Dating: Arabella has not been in a relationship with anyone since she was with Liam's father.

Best friend: It is a toss up between her sister, Clara and Drew, the diner owner back in Iowa.

“Hey! There’s no reason we can’t be safe and fabulous.”
When defending the pink pepper spray she gives her sister. 

If I had to go with a dream cast for this movie Arabella would be played by Jennifer Connelly. (I know she is older than Arabella but she is exactly how I picture her) 

Want to learn more about Arabella? Pick up a copy of Love Overcomes. Drop by next week to meet Jeremy Fowlis.

Love Overcomes is on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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