Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Scratching the Seven Month Itch

If you read Curing the Uncommon Man-Cold by J.L. Salter than this is something you have been waiting for even if you did not know that it was coming. Here it is, the prequel!!!


Amanda can’t believe Jason, her new lover, is already cheating — they’ve only been a couple for seven months. But her domineering older friend, Christine, has “proof” and insists Amanda should take it seriously. Knowing Jason spoke with a woman in the mall food court and another in the grocery store isn’t exactly an iron-clad case.
But when she hears rumors about a woman stalking Jason at his workplace, Amanda reluctantly finds the evidence sufficient to allow her boyfriend to be tailed… provided Christine and her posse of amateur detectives can be discreet. Unfortunately, Christine’s idea of discretion is closer to blowing up a billboard.
The more Amanda learns about Jason’s unusual behavior, the more their recently shaky communication crumbles. Unable to resist the momentum of the mounting case, Amanda joins the investigation and stakeout.
Does Jason have the seven-month itch? If he does, which tramp is scratching it? And is it remotely possible for their relationship to grow even closer despite the clumsiest surveillance efforts Christine can devise?

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  1. Thanks for posting this, Angie.
    I appreciate your generous promotional efforts!

  2. I enjoy reading relationship novels from male authors.
    Jeff Salter has entertained me with his writing in the past.