Tuesday, June 10, 2014

WonHundered Word Wednesday- Teaching

Its that day of the week again! If you are not excited about it being Wednesday then perhaps you just need a bit of a pick me up. How about several 100 word stories written by some amazing writers (they allow me to write with them ;) ) to help get you through the day? We all get the same prompt and create our own stories in 100 words or less.

This weeks prompt was......

He hadn't seen anything like it in twenty years of teaching

His newest student stood at the board scribbling away at the trigonometry question. Every year he put this question on the board, promising a free A on any test, except for a final to his eleventh grade students.

Many had tried, none had been able to solve it. None that is until this student.

He hadn't seen anything like it in twenty years of teaching; a twelve year old stood at the board proudly next to the correct answer to the question that had remained unsolved all these years teaching high school.

Check out the Others, it will be worth the time it takes to read them. 


Wendy Knight, Author: www.wendyknightauthor.blogspot.com
Kelly Martin, Author: www.kellymartinbooks.blogspot.com
Alison Woods (Peering Into. . .): http://alisonmillerwoods.wordpress.com/
Jessica Winn, The Distracted Writer:http://thedistractedwriter.com/


  1. awesome! and the twelve year old in 11th grade was a nice surprise as the winner :)

  2. gotta love it. There is a first for everything and it was finally time.

  3. A little boy genius. Cute. :) I always think of Good Will Hunting when I see things like this. :)