Thursday, June 26, 2014

Drown by Jennifer Rae Gravely

Sweet. Southern. Romance.
An introduction to Ms. Gravely

I am…Jennifer Rae Gravely

I love beagles and beaches

I live for volleyball and victories

I dream of fame and fortune

I strive to be a role model but would as soon go rogue

I teeter between happiness and hopelessness

I need love and loyalty

I desire respect and regality

I focus on the end result and excellence in the middle

I have fulfilled many goals yet success alludes me because

I am everything I imagined and nothing I believed.

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Like a soldier at attention, the air stood motionless awaiting the orders of the sky. Drown, a Southern girl’s story of self. When her mother leaves her father after seventeen turbulent years, Andie Drown views her athletic scholarship as the perfect escape from the two-faced town of Keowee. Then she falls for the local hero Stone Harrison. Their torrid relationship, punctuated by booze, brawls, and betrayal, causes her to question what she wants from life. Will Andie follow in her mother’s footsteps and give up her dream, or will she make her own path and lose the soldier she loves?

 Excerpt :
 My heart forgot to beat. Like Apollo, he stood tall and confident surrounded by the light of the blaze. His black t-shirt clung to his chiseled body. Flames danced behind his silhouette while shadows leapt with every movement of his hands. He commanded the attention of the group as he mimicked firing a gun at the ground. The boys’ laughter echoed in the air. **** The beer bottle in Stone’s hand glittered like the embers in the fire. His clipped, raven hair glistened in the light of the flames. I struggled to breathe. His eyes glowed as they met mine, his smile that of a wolf when it spots its prey. My knees melted like butter in an iron skillet. All this happened in an instant and yet lasted a lifetime. Electricity sizzled, and my body awakened. My soul danced, thunder clapped, the world stood still. In that instant I knew my destiny. Stone was the one.

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  1. Thanks, Angie, for having me and sharing about Drown. I adore Stone. Sigh...

  2. It was a pleasure, anytime. You know how much I enjoyed the book and want the next one. :) To know what happens next....