Monday, May 26, 2014

I am...

My friend Jennifer Gravely posted an "I am..." poem and asked others to post one of their own  in her comments. Then, if you have a blog to go ahead and post it on your blog. I truly enjoyed writing mine and reading Jennifer's.  Here is mine, feel free to leave yours in the comment and then go check out Jennifer's.

I am....

I am a single mother

I love Jesus and my children

I live for joy filled moments of laughter while spending time with my wonderful kids.

I dream of someday owning my own home with a little piece of land.

I strive to be a better person, to be someone my children can be proud of.

I teeter between books and movies.

I need to provide for my family not just with money but by being there for them.

I desire to find true love, it has eluded me.

I focus on how movies stray from major points in a book, causing people to not watch movies with me.

I have a family that is closer than any I have known, my siblings are my best friends, parents my confidants, and children who are my loves.

I am someone who will fight for my family. I am me, no apologies; you get what you see. 

You can check out Jennifer's just by clicking on her name. 

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